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  • Semiconductor Basics: Doping

    Semiconductor Basics: Doping

    How does doping make an intrinsic semiconductor into P-Type or N-Type material. and how dose doping create free electrons or holes in intrinsic crystal.

  • Semiconductor Basics: Crystals

    Semiconductor Basics: Crystals

    The behavior of electrons and holes is fundamental to understanding how semiconductor devices work. In an intrinsic semiconductor, thermal energy can cause valence electrons to jump to the conduction band, leaving behind a “hole” that can be filled by another electron. This creates thermally-induced electron movement and an equal number of holes moving in the…

  • Semiconductor Basics: Atomic Structure

    In chemistry, the structure of an atom is crucial in understanding how it behaves and interacts with other atoms. The basic structure of an atom consists of a central nucleus made up of protons and neutrons, surrounded by a cloud of electrons in various energy levels or shells. In this cloud, electrons move in specific…