• Half Wave Rectifiers

    Half wave rectifier diagram and design parameters, negative halfwave rectifier, rippler filtering with capacitor uses and disadvantages

  • RCD snubber circuit is used with SCR

    The snubber circuit is used in thyristor circuits to…An RC snubber protects an SCR against..Snubber Resistor and Capacitor can be determined by reading the snubber circuit design


    what is snubber and where it used? A snubber is an electronic protection circuit, a snubber circuit is used for protection from malfunctioning of active components by high voltage “snubs” or surges in supply voltage. The snubber circuit is used in thyristor circuits for protecting the switching devices from false turn-on by surge voltage that…

  • PN junction Diode

    PN junction Diode

    Definition of PN Junction. Semiconductor N Type and P Type, PN Junction Formation, Forward Biasing and Reverse Biasing, Reverse break down voltage and Leakage current.

  • What is an Electronic Circuit?

    An electronic circuit is a set of semiconductors and or passive electronic components connected with other with any electrically conductive medium, all connections comply with a defined schematic diagram. Schematic diagrams include all information about the connection and devices being used in the circuit. There are three types of electronic circuits first one is an…