Category: Protection Circuit

  • LC Regenerative Snubber for SEPIC Converter

    The SEPIC converter is a type of DC/DC converter commonly used in electric vehicle (EV) applications. Unlike regular buck-boost converters, the output voltage polarity in the SEPIC converter is non-inverting. However, it suffers from energy stored in the leakage inductance of the primary inductor, which can damage the MOSFET switch. A snubber circuit is used…

  • snubber circuit design

    RC snubber circuit drawing with calculating snubber resistor and capacitor and analysis ringing signal parameters.

  • RCD snubber circuit is used with SCR

    The snubber circuit is used in thyristor circuits to…An RC snubber protects an SCR against..Snubber Resistor and Capacitor can be determined by reading the snubber circuit design


    what is snubber and where it used? A snubber is an electronic protection circuit, a snubber circuit is used for protection from malfunctioning of active components by high voltage “snubs” or surges in supply voltage. The snubber circuit is used in thyristor circuits for protecting the switching devices from false turn-on by surge voltage that…